Repowering London

Repowering London

Repowering London is a not-for-profit co-operative based in south London. They create cooperatively owned renewable energy projects whose financial revenues stay within the local community. Their vision is to create a greener future for Brixton bygenerating energy in Brixton, increasing Brixton’s energy resilience and security, raising awareness about energy efficiency and tackling fuel poverty and providing training and employment for local people
Repowering’s long term aim is to set up an energy supply company providing its members with affordable, low carbon energy.

Company details

Name: Repowering Ltd.
Type: Co-op   Reg No: ) Date established: Name: Brixton Energy Solar 1 Co-operative Ltd.
Type: Co-op   Reg No: ) Date established: 2013Name: Brixton Energy Solar 2 Co-operative Ltd.
Type: Co-op   Reg No: ) Date established: 2013
Name: Brixton Energy Solar 3 Co-operative Ltd.
Type: Co-op   Reg No: 31958R) Date established: 2013
Address: Arch 21, Valentia Place, London SW9 8PJ
Phone: 07960829826

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