Sheffield Renewables

Sheffield Renewables

Sheffield Renewables were formed in 2007 and are legally incorporated as an Industrial and Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community (BenCom).

They are planning to install an Archimedes Screw turbine Jordan Dam near Meadowhall, on the Rotherham side of the Tinsley viaduct in 2013. Of all of Sheffield’s weirs this one could produce the most power. It is also the biggest community hydro power project yet in the UK to gain planning permission.

The scheme will cost £600,000 and is expected to generate 310,000 kWh a year and an income of £65,000 pa.

Sheffield Renewables

Sheffield Renewables was formed in 2009 and spent four years attempting to develop a hydro scheme at Jordan’s Dam. However they were forced to abandon it after they had raised the necessary finance through a community share offer due to changes demanded by the Environment Agency. They are now planning to use some of the money raised to invest in solar PV on community buildings.

Company details

Name: Sheffield Renewables Ltd.
Type: Bencom   Reg NoDate established: 2009
Address: South Yorkshire Energy Centre, 25 Alexandra Road Sheffield S2 3EE
Phone: (0114) 250 8367

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Details (Sheffield Renewables)

Name: Shaffield Renewables Ltd.
Type: Bencom   Reg No: 030736R Date established: 2010
Address: South Yorkshire Energy Centre, 25 Alexandra Road, Sheffield, S2 3EE
Phone: (0114) 250 8367

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Share Offer (Sheffield Renewables)


Jordan Dam, River Don, Sheffield.


Installation of an 80kW Archimedes screw turbine. Income will be reinvested in further renewable generation in Sheffield.

Projected Return:


Closing Date

When target reached.


£250,00 of £600,000 total cost.


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