When the view outweighs common sense

When the view outweighs common sense

Yes the small sleepy town of Totnes in South Devon is again in the latest, the hottest front line of cultural dissonance, this time over wind turbines. The Totnes Renewable Energy Society (TRESOC) is seeking planning permission to erect two 2.3 megawatt wind turbines in the best location for wind energy generation in South Devon, itself one of the windiest part of England. Some people love ‘em some hate ‘em (wind turbines that is), and we are well endowed with many in both camps.

Letters to the planning officer are running slightly ahead in favour of the application, but as someone pointed out, generally no one writes to planning authorities to support an application, it is always to object, so to have that balance is, in itself, a display of unprecedented support.

However, the local planners appear to have decided to not back the proposal. This is despite submitting an application that Jonathan Porritt  described thus:

“…of all the schemes we’ve looked at or worked on, TCWF (Totnes Community Wind Farm) is right up there as one of the most well-designed and well-supported we’ve ever seen.  The commitment of the 500 members of TRESOC is extraordinary, and their relationship with Infinergy (TRESOC’s technology partner) is a ‘role model’ that we have often advocated to others struggling to find the right kind of partnership base for their projects.”


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